How do I teach?

The Singer’s ABC is my point of focus.

The A – posture

The B – Breathing well

The C – vocal fold closure


By tuning the balance between posture, breathing and vocal fold closure your voice will improve, making you more sure of your instrument. A lot of vocal issues are caused by just a slight imbalance between these very important ABC’s.

All singing and speaking happens as a result of a stream of air leaving the body, so if you are not breathing well, your voice can’t work well. But even your way of breathing will influence your voice, since the airstream going out has influence on the subglottal pressure. The subglottal pressure influences the way your voice sounds and so on.

The position of your larynx in the vocal tract influences the stability of your voice production. If your larynx moves up and down incessantly during voice production, your voice will be less stable.

This can make you try to compensate by tightening other muscles in your body, e.g. cleching the jaw muscles, raising the shoulders, tightening the neck muscles or the constrictors.

No matter what you do, please remember: there is always a way we can do something about it or work around it.

Once you are satisfied with your voice production, we can move on and work with the way you communicate. How can you improve your way of communicating emotions? Or improve your visual communication? This part of being a professional voice user is also very important.