If you are too tense when speaking or singing – or not tense enough in the right places, your sound will be affected.

Over time your vocal height will be affected, you cannot reach the high notes you want – an your voice will either be a bit tense or it will be breathy.

Maybe your pitch will be affected, so you will be pitching a bit too high or a bit too low in singing certain notes. In time your tensions will be visible on the front of your throat as horisontal lines across your throat, just as you will get wrinkles by the eyes when you smile.

The horizontal lines can be seen in a mirror – they reflect the places where the internal cartilages meet and should be able to move in relation to each other during voice production. The more visible the lines, the more tense your muscles probably will be. If you keep on producing voice this way you might end up having trouble.

If you already have experience with beginning vocal nodules or polyps or other problems related to functional voice production, remember that you can do something about it by using your voice differently and by training with a skilled vocal coach. By making your body work more and your throat work less during voice production, your horizontal lines and the tensions in your voice will disappear over time, thus making your voice much more flexible.

I have many years of experience in the field of rehabilitation and diminishing vocal nodules and polyps by teaching my students better working habits. The problems will disappear over time the minute you start working with your instrument instead of against it.

Rehabilitation takes from a few months up to years, depending on your problem and your training habits. The more you practice the right way, the faster the rehabilitation – allowing for the necessary time for your body and your voice to heal. It will in most cases also involve your ENT doctor.

Have you already had an operation for vocal nodules or other vocal problems, you can still benefit from the training, thus avoiding future voice problems by better working habits.

There is no mumbo-jumbo in my teaching. I will teach you awareness of your working habits and coach you towards better voice production according to how you want to use your voice. You will also learn how to look for future warning signs so you can avoid harming your voice.

I have rehabilitated both children and adults and both amateurs and professionals for many years.

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