My background and experience

I have a background as a trained singing teacher from the National Academy of Music, Denmark, specializing in voice production and rehabilitation.

In addition I have been studying for 18 months with Anne Rosing plus six months with Jørgen Paulsen from the Royal Theater of Denmark.

Since 2003 I have been a professor at the National Academy of Music, Southern Denmark, teaching tecnical voice, voice theory, singing and rehabilitation.

I have also taught at:

RMC – Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Denmark

Dansk Skuespillerforbund

Ishøj MGK

Guldborgsund MGK

Esbjerg MGK

I also do private lessons. In 2002 I did voice coaching on the film Celestial Night by Michael Madsen. In 2005 I was an advisor for Master students at Aalborg University.

My book, Mastering your voice, a guide to vocal improvement (published by Pacific Voice San Francisco) was origianlly released in 2012 as “Stemmen som instrument” at Edition Wilhelm Hansen. You can buy it on Amazon, both the Danish and the American version.

I have been a speaker at COST 2103, Advanced voice function assessment in Europe several times and I’m on the local board of World Voice Consortium Congress in 2017. Read more at